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* [[Bloodquench]]
* [[Bloodquench]]
[[category:Barbarian Disciplines]]

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Class Warrior
Level 22


Called the 'blood fever' by many, it is a barely controllable rage that can take hold of a warrior in battle and make him a fearsome, uncaring opponent. Those under the influence of the skill attack without fear and often without reason, wanting only to do as much damage as possible.

Berserking fighters will also take on multiple targets at the same time, attacking whenever an opportunity presents itself. Berserking is most effective when there are many smaller targets to choose from.

The skill is not without disadvantages however - the warrior does not think clearly and is blinded by rage to the extent that killing is all they are capable of doing. As a result, their armor class is reduced while at the same time their attacks become more powerful. Spellcasting is completely out of the question, and fleeing is highly unlikely. Often a berserking fighter is only stopped by his death, or the death of his opponents.


  • This skill can be used in advanced combos with Battle Tactics
  • Berserking fighters continuously lose movement, even when not using skills. To keep fighters berserking for longer, it is necessary to have a Cleric with Area Refresh, to be wearing equipment with move regen on it, or to use Second Wind
  • Berserking just after one of your fellow group members dies can activate Revenge even if you were not actively berserking when he or she was killed.

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