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Class Thief
Level 8
Bloodletting Stab

bstab <target> OR backstab <target>

Backstab is a thief skill where you sneak up on your opponent and stab them in the back with a dagger or other piercing weapon. After backstabbing, the attacker is lagged for a short time.

Note that backstab is not totally effective on many creatures. Skeletal creatures are nearly immune, while creatures that are injured (HP at 30% to 90%) are generally much more aware and harder to sneak up on. Creatures who hav 0-29% hp, or 91-100% hp, are far more likely to be successfully stabbed. In PK, injured targets (30-90% HP) have about a 50% chance of being backstabbed as compared to a far lower (About 6%) for mobs.

Things that affect stabs

  • Dexterity: High dexterity will help you to make your backstab land more often, and low dexterity can hinder your backstab considerably.
  • Thief skill level: Thief skill level increases the base damage of your backstab.
  • Damroll: damroll ups the higher end of the damage of a successful stab.
  • Weapon speed: a weapon with a faster speed will recover from backstabbing far more quickly than a slower one. This is very important as backstab lag causes a player to take a lot of damage.
  • Hiding: Hiding will slightly increase backstab damage, though be aware that you will instantly be revealed once the stab is initiated.


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