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Class Cleric
Level 23
Resource Cost

Mana 28
Stat Requirements
Wisdom 25

Intelligence 21

Area Refresh will refresh a small amount of movement for you and those around you. It can’t be cast while you are in combat but unlike the refresh spell it will refresh others already in combat.

The spell designed to be used in groups, especially groups that contain hitters. It fits in with a role often given to clerics in a group, which is to ensure a groups health and movement is maintained. Casting this spell allows a group to fight for longer and travel faster across great distances and difficult terrain.


  • Casting this spell will also refresh any mobs in the room.
  • skill level: A higher skill level decreases the percent chance that you will fail the spell. Chance of failure is 100%-skill level.
  • Can be cast solo.
  • Additional experience is awarded when cast in groups.
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