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24th Anniversary

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Anniversary Event
Year 2019
Date From January 18
Date To January 21
Main Organisers Tanthas
The 24th Anniversary was a celebration written and orchestrated by the builder Tanthas. The overarching story was that Dentin's attention had been wandered away from the world he had created and the priests of Dentin were worried. It began by players portiing to the offices of ZagDahl where they were given special permission to enter the sealed catacombs beneath the unholy temple to find out what had been going on. The plot then proceeded to unfold revealing a highly imaginative and amusing storyline spun from a quasi-history of the mud, the players and Dentin.


The narrative was revealed over the course of a weekend with the first part starting on Friday 18th, the second on Saturday 19th and the third and final instalment released on Sunday 20th. The event was wrapped up on Monday 21st with everything been shutdown by 6.30am server time.


The Office of ZagDahl, high priest of Dentin

This was where the fun begun and provided the quest hub for each of the three instalments. In the offices were ZagDahl, high priest of Dentin and his assistant ZigDahl, acolyte of Dentin who would later receive and check each of the holy artifacts.

Within the sealed off portion of the unholy temple of Dentin

Deep under the temple the sealed catacombs were guarded and patrolled by mumified priests, incarnates, mad acolytes, golems and demons which players defeated on their way to reach dentin.

Somewhere within the mind of Dentin

Filled with meta imagery this construct was divided into zones including the salon, the junk shop, Sexy Sadie's, Quantum heights, Abstraction way, Isolation Boulevard, Baseline Road and the Dojo, It featured mobs such as the Lag monster, master wu hu and the bassist Grover, and it symbolized the many aspects of Dentin's persona.


Upon entering Chuckles bar and the Society for the prevention of Dents, Kaster and preventer in-chief respectively launched into an extended and humous monologue, the former based on Dentin's Mom jokes, and the latter believed to parody how some players had in the past become disproportionately angry and upset over certain game balance changes, forming protest campaigns and ranting in-length on the subject.

Jo Kester says, 'You know, Dentin's ultrarationality annoys a lot of players, but you know who else it annoys? Dentin's mom!'
Jo Kester says, 'Dentin likes being rational, but he doesn't like death.  He's real adverse to it.   He's always looking at immortality research.  I don't care myself, but I"m not the only one, you know who else doesn't care about death? Dentin's mom!'
Jo Kester says, 'Dentin's mom is the source of 90% of the tense silence on bovine.  Dentin trots out his mom, and the place goes quiet.  Well the people with any taste go quiet. '
Jo Kester says, 'You're thinking the same as me, damn Dentin, that's heartless, but you know who else is heartless? Dentin's mom!'
Jo Kester takes a drink from his glass.
Jo Kester says, 'You remember that zombie apocalypse that happened a few years ago? I hear it's going to happen again.  I talked to their leader, it's, you guessed it, Dentin's mom!'
Jo Kester says, 'But Dentin's mom has her good points: she never nags, she never tells me to clean up, but she is sort of lazy, just lies around all day!'
Jo Kester says, 'Back in the old days, there was this guy Gamlin.  He always tanked in groups and always got people murdered.  You know who else is a rotten tank? Dentin's mom!'
Jo Kester takes another swig from his glass, hiccups, trips over his own feet, and manages to recover without spilling a single drop.
Jo Kester says, 'Dentin's mom is the explanation for lag!  I mean, everything can outrun Dentin's mom!'
Jo Kester says, 'you're thinking, man he's cruel ragging on Dentin's mom all the time, but Dentin is just as bad as I am, hell, he's worse, and he doesn't get paid for telling all those Dentin's mom jokes.  Charlie, I am getting paid for this aren't I?'
Jo Kester says, 'I'm not? just the booze?'
Jo Kester says, 'Ok this gig is dead.  So is Dentin's mom!'
Jo Kester struts about the stage, burps, shouts, 'I love you Locane!'  He tries to focus on the crowd again, but seems to be having some difficulty doing  so.
Jo Kester says, 'You know how Kenai got exiled don't you? Dentin's mom said Denty, this Kenai person is a bad influence, I don't want you playing with him any more.  Tell him he shouldn't come round to our cosmos after today.  The next day, Kenai's history, Dentin's readying the ban hammer, and Dentin's mom is saying I don't know what you ever saw in that Kenai guy anyway!'
Jo Kester says, 'you've been a great crowd? You ready for more?'
Jo Kester pauses and waits his hands flung up dramatically, but the crowd is not responding as hoped.
The preventer in chief
The preventer in chief says, 'We have to do something about Dentin dentin every new spell, skill, mob, item, or class on the game.'
The preventer in chief says, 'The titanium fiasco was bad enough, but then there were potions, necromancer, Thantos the Executioner.  The list goes on and on.'
The preventer in chief says, 'We harass Dentin with constant pleas, messages, mudmails, board posts, and channel sends about the newest spell, class, or item that needs to remain pristene and overpowered and the way we like it.'
The preventer in chief says, 'It avails us nothing, it must be acknowledged, but someone has to attempt to stop all these dents!'
The preventer in chief says, 'Our latest fight is over experience for high level players and the constant denting of the best areas.  We are currently running a Bovine campaign, a board campaign, a mudmail campaign, and getting up a petition.  It's probably pointless, but'
The preventer in chief throws his hands up in despair and shrugs helplessly.
The preventer in chief says, 'You see the problem though, right? How much of a contribution can I put you down for?'
The preventer in chief holds out his hand expectantly while tapping his foot impatiently.

Deeper in the mind of Dentin

The final part of the story where players would float around in darkness battling stellar furies, flying boulders vacuum dragons and nebulous concepts, while attempting to locate the baby universe to use the quantum prayer wheel on.

The museum of player nostalgia

The Museum of Player Nostalgia was reopened to give newbies a taste of the game's past. At the entrance guests were greeted by a carnival barker, on loan from the Taber Bros Carnival, who explained how the museum worked and collected an admission fee. Moving around the museum spectators were treated to mobs reminiscing about how the mud was back in the day.


Figured out where Dentin's attention was in 2019

Once players had made their way through the sealed off portion of the temple it was discovered that Dentin's attention had been focused on a new universe.

Raided the treasuries of the unholy temple of Dentin and retrieved . . . . something!

While attempting to locate Dentin under the temple players came across a room of gold and a queer metallic thing which when picked up completed this quest.

Gathered Dentin memrobelia to build the necessary device in 2019

Players entered Dentin's mind to recover four artifacts, each personifying a different aspect of his character including some of his hobbies and interests.

Junked a junk dealer to gain death metal

A piece of death metal was discovered in a junk shop it represented that Dentin is a huge death metal music fan.

Gave the mad hair dresser a dressing down to gain Dentin's holy hair tie

The holy hair tie of Dentin was found inside the salon.

Belted the master Wu Hu

The black martial arts belt was found inside the Dojo.

Recovered a guitar for bass reasons

The base guitar was found on the dance floor inside Sexy Sadie's. It represents that Dentin is an accomplished guitarist.

Brought Dentin's attention back to Alter Aeon in 2019

ZagDahl looks up as you speak to him.
ZagDahl says, 'We have figured out how to get Dentin's attention, but we need someone to project themselves into Dentin's mind again to use it.'
ZagDahl reaches down beside his chair and lifts an odd cylindrical contraption with a mithril bar sticking out of it attached to a darkwood handle.
ZagDahl says, 'This is a quantum prayer wheel.  It will use Dentin's own mental constructs to gain his attention.  It is very delicate, so be careful with it.'
ZagDahl says, 'If you lose it, you must give me 100 gold to purchase a new one.'
ZagDahl says, 'This place is full of points of light.  Simply use the wheel on any point of light you find.  When you find the correct one the wheel will flash brightly.'
ZagDahl says, 'Some of the mages of the Mage Guild have argued, somewhat unconvincingly, that the points of light might be stars or groups of stars.  If that is correct, then you might have to find the right star or cluster  of stars to use the wheel on.  We think that if it is a case such as this, then you must find a very large bright group of stars.'
ZagDahl says, 'Dentin's blessing go with you.  This place seems much more strange and alien than the last place you went.  I hope that you survive it as easily.'
ZagDahl silently hands over the quantum prayer wheel.  It is heavier than it looks.
ZagDahl holds his hands up in benediction, then shoos you on your merry way.
Recall, event join 163, and look for the proper point of light to use the quantum prayer wheel on.

The saga was concluded when players used the quantum prayer wheel on the baby universe catching Dentin's attention. It humourized that last year a lot of Dentin's development time had been eaten up with work for Google and a new space-based mud project named Allter Stella, meaning that Alter Aeon had been somewhat neglected, with Shadowfax and Draak picking up the slack.

Survived story time in the Museum of Player Nostalgia in 2019

At the end of museum in the Aggerazzi swamp was an engraved golden card which when picked up and returned to the carnival barker completed the quest.


  • A black dented shirt handed out by dentin as a reward for the completing the final quest
  • a 2019 anniversary shirt from the museum
  • a toy sledge hammer that the toll golem in the museum loaded.
  • a clockwork heart spellcomp that brewed restoration
  • a breath of the void, which was a ice spell comp.

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