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Shambling mound

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Shambling mounds are temporary druid minion tanks, they are an improvement on the earth wall as they can actually move with the player. Like most minions and scale with class level and in this case they become more powerful with druid cast level.


Ground string

A shambling mound made of earth, rocks, and dirt moves eerily here.

Long description

It's a big pile of dirt, rocks, and other earth clearly pulled up from 
the nearby ground.  Hastily assembled by brute force using magic, it's
not elegant, but serves well enough as a dumb minion in battle.

Insult string

You insult shambling mound earth dirt.


  • High mana drain best to release when regening
  • Temporary starts to fall apart after a while
  • Can be repaired by recasting spell.
  • Only castable on certain terrain types.

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