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Mana shield

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Mana shield is a mage protective spell that was introduced in May 2016 as an attempt to make the mage class less squishy. The spell uses the casters own mana reserves to reduce against damage. The spell is essentially a trade off between sacrificing mana for the sake of lower hp losses. The shield is powerful and appears to protect against all damage types including spells however the mana drain is high and increases with successive hits and is more pronounced at higher levels.

When the mage's mana reserves run out the shield will fail, this can be a dangerous time for the caster as not only will the rate of damage suddenly increase but the caster will be left vulnerable with no mana to cast spells, including any that maybe needed for healing, recalling or retreating.


casting the spell and raising the shield:-

You can feel an invisible mana shield connect to your mana.

taking down the shield:-

You reverse part of the spell, and take down your mana shield.
You feel your invisible mana shield flicker and go out.

When the shield fail from running out of mana:-

You feel your invisible mana shield flicker and go out.


  • drains in mana in negative regen rooms
  • If mob hits you drains mana not hp useful for difficult mob
  • Been a new spell it is likely to be subject to adjustments and changes over the coming months as more statistical data is collected.
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