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Homecoming 2017

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Fall Kickoff Event
Year 2017
Date From Wednesday, August 9th
Date To Monday, August 21st
Main Organisers shadowfax
Homecoming 2017 was an event executed throughout mid-August of 2017. It was orchestrated by Shadowfax, who built and coded all of the mobs himself.

The following message was displayed on 'event show' during the event.

Five years ago, adventurers traveled to the plane of Diurnus for the first time,
where they quested to help unify the Pantheon.  Not only did they defeat the foes
set against them and their quest, but they also battled against the metarrexi, a
race of rapacious plant creatures from another dimension.

Somehow, the metarrexi have managed to find their way to the Material Plane, and
are now attempting to colonize the main continent.  Find and destroy their
masterminds wherever they may be, and eradicate the metarrexi menace once and
for all!

Metarrexi dreadnoughts patrol the high seas for their own strange purposes. Sink
these monstrous battleships and keep the oceans safe!

There were two metarrexi masterminds in the game world at any given time, each in one of twenty-one randomly-chosed locations. Masterminds generated drones every tick until they had a hundred such drones. Fallen drones were replaced as soon as possible. When a mastermind was defeated, another one spawned in a different location to take its place.

There were also four metarrexi dreadnoughts, each spawning in a different body of water. One was in the Northern Ocean, one in the Southern Ocean, another in the Gulf of Takar and the other in the Eisenmere (Iron Sea).


Shadowfax invented the name 'Fall Kickoff' after all of the promotional material had already been published and it was too late to change the name, but it will be what he uses for future such events. He starting building the mobs about mid-July.


The event was originally purported to begin on Saturday, August 5th and conclude on Saturday, August 19th. It did not actually begin until Tuesday, August 8th. Its conclusion was rescheduled for Monday, August 21st. Shadowfax did not want the event to last much longer so as not to overlap with the promotion of next event Feast of the Sacrifice the following month.


As suggested by the 'event show' stub, the story of this event was inspired by the metarrex enemies of the previous summer event. Metarrexi are originally from the plane of Crepuscula, where the low light of the plane retards their growth. Spores somehow made to the plane of Diurnus, where they grew out of control in the constant daylight of that plane. They then were carried to the Prime Material Plane by adventurers.


  • Destroyed one of the metarrexi masterminds infesting the Material Plane
  • Sunk one of the metarrexi dreadnoughts on the high seas


As Shadowfax intends on reusing the metarrexi masterminds and dreadnoughts in the future, players are able to retain the fame earned by defeating them.

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