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Help:Creating an NPC Article

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NPC Articles are the easiest to write out of Quests, Skills/Spells, Areas, etc.


  • For the most part you should only create articles for NPCs that give quests or are important for another reason (Target of a quest, source of a popular item, sells something useful, etc.) Don't go creating articles for Ralnoth Cityguards
  • The page location/title of the article should be the short name for the mob. That is, when you look at the mob whatever it says before the condition is the title. Example: "look Whelan" -> "Whelan is in excellent condition" -> Page should be /Whelan.


  • The area it's in
  • The insult keywords (insult <target>)
  • If the NPC is a questor you must assign it to the Questor category
    • If you know which quests it assigns link to them in a Quests section
  • Attach the NPC to the category with the same name as the Realm it's in
  • Attach the NPC to the category with the same name as the Area it's in

Wiki Markup

This is an example article for the NPC Whelan

{{NPC Summary
|realm=[[The Island of Sloe]]
|area=[[The Refugee Camp]]
|keywords=whelan wehlan welan ancient leader elder man whalen wheelan weelan

'''Whelan''' is a quest giver in [[The Refugee Camp]]

He is an old man, but not so old as to be weak or confused.  He seems very
much in charge of the encampment, including lists of provisions, allotments
and other things laid out on his makeshift table.  He is scarred and
weatherworn, perhaps from an earlier career as a fighter.

[[Category:The Refugee Camp]]
[[Category:The Island of Sloe]]

First in the file is the usage of the NPC Summary template, pretty straightforward as you can see in the example. Next is a short description of the NPC (Its name, why it's a page, and the area it's in.) Thirdly is optional, either A) it's description in game or B) The longer explanation for whatever reason this NPC warranted a wiki page. As noted above if the NPC is a quest giver (questor) there would be a section titled Quests to list the quests they give. Lastly are the categories the NPC belongs to, see the requirements above.

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