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Frost Bite

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Class Mage
Level 21
Resource Cost

Mana 25
Stat Requirements
Wisdom 21

Intelligence 25

A mid level ice spell, and it requires a much higher level of control than the low level elemental ice spells. The caster must focus his magic using a staff or other similar item, and guide it through the ground toward the target. This requires significant concentration, and if the end of the staff leaves the ground the spell will fail.

The magic leaves a trail of frost behind as it travels, marking where it has been and also helping the caster guide the spell. Upon reaching its destination, large spikes of ice spring from the ground, impaling and otherwise upsetting the target. This spell is much more effective against large targets than small, due to the way the spikes appear.

This spell is named after the appearance of the icy spikes that are its signature trait: they often look like rows of teeth projecting from the ground beneath a defeated enemy.

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